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Stephanie, We can't thank you enough for all you've done this year for us! Between selling our homes and lot on Bayshore, to buying the house on Begonia. And just as important, being and becoming such good friends! We just can't thank you enough!!

Tana & Don

I just wanted to thank you, not only for the cool hammock, but for being such a great realtor! Mark and I are so grateful for everything you did for us to make it possible for us to live in the awesome place. We are busy fixing things here and there and also deciding what to put where. We should be getting a roof in the next few weeks.

Thanks again Steph. We really love it!

Kind regards,
Catherine and Mark Ouellette

I went to school with Stephanie in Crystal River way back when and had not seen her since until I ran into her a few years ago. That was when I found out she was a realtor. In our opinion we believe Stephanie Price is one of Citrus County's finest realtors.

When I first walked into her office 2008 or 9, and while we were catching up, I saw plaques back to 2002 or 3 showing she was a million dollar producer or better and never missed a year on.

My wife and I are moving back to Crystal River here shortly (we live in Ohio) and mentioned that to her last August when we were there. Since that time she has, non-stop (you know what I mean), taken us around to see houses and sent us listings of properties in areas we liked for our evaluation. Also she went out, on her own dime, and took more photos to show us, even though we didn't ask her to, because there weren't enough photos (1 or 2, really?) with the listing or they were blurred (some realtors could learn how to use a camera) and gave us her opinion (we asked) of the property because she took the time to find out what we wanted. We even put in a couple of offers on properties and they fell through for one reason or another, well mostly because someone else beat us to it.

She kept track of the properties we offered on, found out one fell through and told us about it (one where she took more photos), we looked at it in December when we were down, put in an offer that was rejected, got two roof estimates, resubmitted a contract for less than what they had already turned down, from another buyer, in cash, and it was accepted!

Given the type of loan (FHA 203k) there were some problems and required extensions to get it closed, and even after the bank said they wouldn't give any extensions, she was able to get two, and everything closed last week.

It's the "going the extra mile", the dedication to service (doing the extra things others won't do) and that attention to detail is what, in my opinion, separates her from other realtors. This is why Stephanie Price is a multimillion dollar producer every year, not oly is she top-notch, she's got it going on. Quite simply put: Stephanie Rocks!

See it's easy to be a million or multi-million dollar producer when the market is hot, stick a sign inthe ground and collect your commissions, and another thing entirely to do it in a down market repeatedly.

Additionally, as an investor, when my wife and I are talking to someone about buying their house, and they decide they want to list the property, I give them the names of three Citrus County relators I recommend to call and she is at the top of that list.

Eric and Grace

Stephanie – we wanted to thank you and your staff so much for making our FL home search so easy and enjoyable.  First met you to view one of your listings that had the intriguing 3D motion feature and the home was very well presented and very close to what we were looking for - although a little too large a property.  Our pursuit was a beautiful home with an attached fenced athletic field to use for dog agility practice.  After returning to Virginia from our winter FL vacation, I continued to look online. 

Suddenly one Saturday morning we saw a home just listed online and thought about it overnight.  Called you the next morning while packing and heading to the airport and from that point on you were indispensable in viewing the property later that day, in submitting a successful offer and following through seamlessly to financing and closing.   After almost a month in the home we can enthusiastically report that we love it and love living in Citrus County.  Thank you for all you did for us to make the process so comfortable and easy.

If you’re searching for your Citrus property, you couldn’t be in better hands. 
Dann & Patti Campbell, formerly from Roanoke, VA and other places

Joyce once again you did awesome. Thank you for everything and what you’ve have done for us! My mother said thank you for all the baby blue kitchen ware :) If you have a survey, we will fill it out ! You were nice and had humor, you did well taking us places when we had troubles with transportation. You were on top of things and contacted and updated us on everything. You are good at your job... we would recommend you to others and use you again if need to.

Your friends Terrie & Bobbi

After deciding to move from Harrisburg, PA to Crystal River, I was fortunate enough to have Mary Ann as my agent. We spent a week in February looking at properties but could not find exactly what I wanted. I went home but Mary Ann kept looking. It took a few months and quite a few phone calls but she found the perfect house for me. I highly recommend Mary Ann and everyone at Waybright Real Estate. They did a great job and made a 1,000 mile move as easy as possible.

Jim Books

Joyce -

Thank you for making out new home purchase such a pleasant experience. Your continued oversight, thoroughness and support made that happen. And, the gift basket is lovely - we've already tried the wine and it is yummy! Best of luck to you and I hope we can keep in touch. I owe you lunch! Thank you for making us feel so loved!

- Mike and Liz Gragert

Hi Stephanie. Sorry this took so long to get to you. We've been really busy! We are so thankful for the referral that directed us to Waybright Real Estate in Crystal River. Everyone at Way bright was professional and knowledgeable. Our long distance documents were handled properly in a timely manner and our closing processed right on schedule. I would recommend Stephanie Price and her Waybright team for any real estate needs, both long distance and local.

Kindest regards, Lisa Powers


Thanks, oh so much, for all your assistance above and beyond as the saying goes, in the sale.  Thanks to you and to Mary Ann for her help and also please thank Joyce for her computer help.  Your office is spot on with regards to taking care of your clients.

- David Shollenbarger

Dear Stephanie, Thank you for your patience, hard work and kindness. I am sure the purchase of the property on Poplar is solely due to your willingness to persevere. You did not give up and I will always be grateful to you. Thanks you again.

-Laura Mason



Susan and I want to thank you for the gift box we received last week. We really appreciate it. The wine and snacks look fantastic.

Susan wrote a review for your website that we wish you would use in your online marketing as you see fit. I am her boy Friday and doing the typing (though I agree with the review as well!).

There are many good agents in the Citrus County area, but we were blessed beyond measure to hear of Stephanie Price. We interviewed several but upon meeting Stephanie, I knew she was right. It felt right.

She listened, really listened to our needs and wants. The sale took time and was long distance. This was a down market at the time of the listing, so we rented the property which made her job harder. When the house was free again, we moved forward more aggressively. Stephanie even helped us pick out flooring, paint and kitchen colors in a much needed renovation. I was wise to listen to her; because she knows what buyers are looking for. After the renovation, we were under contract within days and had a three week closing with a very qualified buyer!

Stephanie knows the market and the people in it but it is her professionalism, soft touch and understanding of the situation that makes her great. We highly recommend her.

Susan and David Walker
Austin, Texas

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